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Henry Christ CASHMERE - INFO

Once upon a time,

when chemical industry was not as advanced as today...

The hair of the cashmere goat's back was not used for the production of cashmere knitwear, because of it's shortfibers and overall lack of softness.

Today, due to high demand and price pressure in the cashmere market, the usage of the short and hard fibers has become widespread. They are chemically treated and you only recognize them by unstoppable pilling and sometimes even allergic reactions.

On the other side, there is the high-quality fine hair of younger cashmere goat herds. You recognize them by their outstanding softness.

Today more cashmere is beeing sold as there even exists. Often wool fibers are chemically treated and sold as cashmere. Also new synthetic fibers are labeled as cashmere. When you burn a cashmere fiber it should smell like hair. Because high-quality cashmere consists of nothing else, just soft goat's hair.

At Henry Christ we process high-quality yarns from young cashmere goat herds. We use fibers with a long average length. However, also every high-quality yarn contains few shorter fibers. This causes pilling, but only at the beginning of the life-time of every cashmere sweater.

With every time you wash your garment it will become even softer. With every depilling of the sweater it will pill less.

The longer you wear Henry Christ cashmere, the more you will experience the pure quality.